Peazazz® has clean flavour characteristics and is well-suited for use in low pH and neutral pH beverages, dairy alternative products, meal replacements as well as a variety of other healthy and great tasting food and beverage product applications.  Peazazz® is 100% soluble, transparent and heat stable in low pH solutions.  Its valuable nutritional and functional characteristics make Peazazz® an attractive product to companies looking for an alternative plant protein ingredient.



Pea is a widely accepted and consumed vegetable, recognized for its nutritional value and health benefits.  We have successfully extracted added-value proteins that contain essential amino acids into a white powder that can easily be incorporated into a variety of foods and beverages including low pH fruit juices and juice blends, sport nutrition drinks, powdered beverages, fortified waters, bars, baked goods and vegetarian and vegan foods. 

Our Peazazz® pea protein isolate is hypoallergenic and from a non-GMO source. 


Peazazz’s Function

Dairy alternative products







Low Viscosity

Powdered beverage mixes

Sport nutrition beverages

Fruit juice and juice blends

Low pH and neutral pH beverages

Fortified waters

Weight management and meal replacement products

Nutrition, Protein Fortification

Vegetarian and vegan foods