About Burcon

Who We Are

Burcon NutraScience Corporation is a world leader in innovative technologies for the large-scale production of high-quality, cost-effective plant-based proteins and ingredients for use in the global food and beverage industries. Building on our unique environmentally friendly and clean-label extraction and purification technologies, the company now boasts an extensive portfolio of innovative composition, application, and process patents. Our proprietary processes are clean and cost-effective, offering nothing less than the highest-quality plant-based proteins increasingly being demanded by consumers worldwide.


Burcon seeks to improve the health and wellness of global consumers through the discovery and development of sustainable, functional and renewable plant-based products for the global food and beverage industries.


Burcon NutraScience Corporation was formed in November 1998 as a venture capital pool corporation whose principal business was to identify and evaluate assets, properties and businesses for acquisition. On October 8, 1999 Burcon acquired BMW Canola Inc. of Winnipeg, Manitoba (now renamed Burcon-MB).

Since then, we have successfully commercialized our CLARISOY® technology, the company’s flagship line of soy protein that offers high-quality protein nutrition, excellent solubility and exceptionally clean flavour at any pH. We are currently commercializing a uniquely soluble and clean-tasting pea protein branded Peazazz®, as well as three canola proteins, Puratein®, Supertein® and Nutratein®, each of which offers a distinct functional and nutritional attribute.

Burcon’s development efforts are currently focused on commercializing its core patented protein extraction and purification technologies. On March 4, 2011, we entered into a twenty-year License and Production Agreement with Archer Daniels Midland Company for the worldwide production, distribution and sale of our CLARISOY® soy proteins.