Supertein® is a highly soluble canola protein isolate comprised principally of albumin proteins. The functional properties of Supertein® include excellent solubility, the ability to form transparent solutions, foaming and nutrition. Applications for Supertein® include beverages, confectionery, aerated desserts, and protein bars, among many others.


Supertein’s Function

Dairy Alternative Products Nutrition
Ready-to-Drink Beverages Solubility
Confectionery Foaming
Bars, Baked Goods Protein fortification

Supertein® is highly soluble.
Supertein® has a slightly sweet flavour with no off flavours.
Supertein® is an excellent foaming agent, producing large foam volumes with good stability.

Supertein® is “the perfect protein” for use in beverages because it has:

  • A balanced amino acid profile
  • Near 100% digestibility
  • Excellent nutritional value
  • Higher levels of amino acids containing sulfur than any other plant protein